Tips To Choose The Best Cotton Products

Fashion designers and people, in general, tend to overlook cotton products, even though they are cheaper than silk. It is because clothing products from cotton tend to only have one solid color. Plus, the mix-and-match possibilities that involve cotton clothes are not many when we compare them with silk, rayon, viscose, or polyester clothes.

Still, the best cotton products have maximum comfort levels when we know how to choose them. At some points, their comfort levels can even equate to silk products. Here are tips to choose the best cotton products for you, so, you can maximize your comfort levels:

Learn more about high-quality cotton fabrics

High-quality cotton fabrics don’t only prioritize short-term comforts. In other words, these fabrics don’t only give you the “feel-good” moments on your skin. Instead, we can rely on these types of high-quality fabrics due to their high durability levels.

The high durability levels are the result of spinning finely-combed cotton properly. As for the materials, you can witness labels like ELS when you shop for cotton clothing products online. We can also judge the cotton fabrics’ quality based on their long fibers. When we shop for cotton clothes offline, we can feel the fibers’ smoothness.

100% cotton is not always the best

Another point you should consider in choosing the best cotton products is that you shouldn’t rely upon products with 100% cotton as the materials. Again, the ELS label is more important than 100% cotton. After all, there are times when 100% cotton products are less smooth than other products with combined cotton fabrics.

When you choose the best cotton products, you should also avoid any combinations that involve polyester. Cotton-plus-polyester combinations don’t tend to give the best outdoor performances, which will be a liability for you in showing up around Bali. It also doesn’t stand the heat and has the lowest sustainability score among all combinations.

Instead, you can consider cotton uragiri, cotton jacquard, and cotton embroidery for your cotton-combined clothing products. Alternatively, you can opt for the luxurious-looking cotton silky or cotton satin for your dresses and formal suits.

Choose the best cotton products in the right place

The right place in choosing the best cotton products won’t disappoint you with low-quality cotton. Instead, the place will showcase its workers’ high skills and experiences in dealing with cotton and other fabrics.

We’ve created cotton and various other fabric products since 2007 in Bali Silk Textile. Until now, we’ve opened three Bali Silk Textile branches in Denpasar, Bali, all of which are available in Jalan Sumatra, Jalan Sulawesi, and Jalan Gajah Mada.

We’ve operated with the motto of “We serve what you need” since then. You can visit our website at to see our product samples if you need to purchase from us.


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