Tips For Fabric Treatments That You Need To Know

Treating fabrics is one of the essential caring steps we can take for our clothes. In general, when we execute tips for fabric treatments, we hope our clothes will shine more and appear more attractive. In the end, we become confident in what we wear. Here are the tips for fabric treatments you can execute:

Washing preference: Machine-wash or hand-wash?

You should never believe a person who said it doesn’t matter to wash your clothes in a washing machine or use your hands to wash them. The instructions to wash the clothing fabrics are usually stated explicitly on the labels.

For instance, silk products like cotton silk super and Habotai silk require some level of delicacy in handling the fabrics. Therefore, people rarely tumble-dry or wash these clothing products inside the washing machine.

The same also goes for other delicate fabrics, like wool or linen products. These entire characteristics make them unlike other fabrics, such as viscose and rayon products, that are okay with machine-wash methods.

The soaps and the detergents

Executing tips for fabric treatments will be near to impossible when we only rely on water, regardless of the washing methods we prefer. So, we need to pay attention to the soaps and detergents we use for washing the fabrics.

Most people fail to choose soaps and detergents because the only thing that concerns them is cleanliness. They fail to acknowledge that these two cleaners should preserve the fabrics’ authentic colors instead of saturating them or even turning them into monochromatic colors.

The more characteristics (antibacterial, environmentally friendly, and more) that the cleaners have, the more we’d like to recommend them to you. In particular, you will need these types of soaps and detergents for more delicate fabrics like silk and wool.

The right fabrics for the correct occasions

We’ve witnessed many cases and accidents that involve people not wearing the correct types of fabrics when they attended on several occasions. Most people even skip the consulting sessions because they think those sessions make the clothing fabrics too pricey.

Here at Bali Silk Textile, we make it easy for you to reach out to our team regarding your needs for clothing fabrics. We provide many fabric products for several traditional Balinese and modern occasions that we will make based on your requests.

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