The Reasons Why You Should Wear Bali Linen Clothing Products

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Linen is one of the textile types that produce premium feels for clothing products. In particular, Bali linen clothing products are popular among women who love flowing dresses and tops for going to beaches and shopping malls.

We can also find Bali linen clothing product applications on several men’s collared shirts. Many times, these clothing products have solid color tones and some have buttons at the center of the shirts.

More specifically, here are the reasons why you should wear Bali linen clothing products:

Produces premium feels

There are reasons why clothing products from linens tend to be expensive. The premium feels that people associate with linen clothes do not stop in being the outward impression. Instead, such feelings exist for several reasons.

Linen is one of the lightweight materials in the textile and clothing worlds. At the same time, linens can absorb sweat while keeping the flow of the tops, dresses, shirts, and so on. Such things make us feel relaxed when we do activities in Bali with clothes from linens.

The best textile for casual looks

Bali is known for its beaches, zoos, and other lively activities that are close to nature. So, casual is the answer when we think about whether we should go for casual or formal looks when in Bali.

At the same time, we need breathable fabrics to adjust to Bali’s sometimes sunny weather and the classical sambal matah dishes around the beaches. Linen fulfills such criteria, along with the criteria for premium feels in the previous point.

More focused fabric selections

Linen is unlike other more common fabrics, such as viscose or polyester. We might experience confusion in choosing which textiles we are going to use for our clothes in terms of the width, composition percentage (100% viscose or mixed, for example), and many other aspects.

We won’t likely find the same thing for linen fabrics. For example, Linen 16 and Linen Double Gauze have the same textile compositions in percentage. Nonetheless, the textile’s widths in centimeters are almost identical (Linen 16 is 150 cm wide and the Double Gauze variation has 140 cm wide).

What’s more, is that Bali clothing products from linens tend to have either solid or flowery patterns. As a result, we can focus more on the fabric selections.

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