Ideas For Your Next Bali Fashion Mix-And-Match

Bali has many things to offer to tourists, such as beautiful landscapes in Monkey Forest, wine and chocolate tours, shopping mall discounts, romantic beach lives, and more. Many attractions in Bali are not available in other cities. Those entire things become the reasons why Bali fashion mix-and-match becomes a crucial thing to think about.

Bali fashion mix-and-match isn’t all about batik and sarong motives, even though we also cover these two things in this article. Continue reading to know more about the ideas for your next Bali fashion mix and matches:

Think about your purposes in visiting Bali

Are you visiting Bali because of the beaches and the zoos? Or, are you a foodie who’s here to visit wineries, and chocolate and cheese factories, and enjoy seafood dinners late in the night? Could you be that Instagram celebrity who constantly takes photos and videos around Bali’s luxurious three-star hotels and above villas?

Here, we ask you to reexamine your itinerary in Bali. After all, the places (a.k.a “spots”), times of visit, and others can impact your ideal fashion attire. Eventually, these fashion attires have different sets of ideal fabrics.

For instance, cotton embroidery surfaces have lots of pores to absorb air, and linen single gauze’s unique characteristics make these two fabrics perfect for attending Balinese traditional ceremonies at the beach. On the other hand, satin silky 2 is the perfect choice for a Bali fashion mix-and-match idea that involves seafood fine dining at the beach near a shopping mall.

Wear loose and comfortable bottoms

Bali has so many attractions that require the tourists’ mobile conditions. It’s virtually impossible to spend the entire day staying in a hotel, apartment, or villa in Bali without exploring the different zones with the unique attractions and holiday classes that the city offers.

So, your bottom (skirts, trousers, and more) should be loose and comfortable. We can achieve looseness and comfort levels in high-quality fabrics. Typically, tourists in Bali will choose breathable fabrics for their bottoms, such as viscose rayon waffle, viscose georgette, or viscose moss crepe.

Don’t forget about the batik prints

Apart from the beautiful landscapes, Bali is also known as the region with distinctive batik prints. Today, many tourists apply batik-printed fabrics to their Bali fashion mix-and-match collections.

Mini and maxi dresses are the most popular batik-printed outfits for many Balinese tourists. Some tourists are confident wearing sarong-like batik-printed skirts while mixing and matching the skirts with solid-colored t-shirts or tank tops.

Here, in Bali Silk Textile, we provide lots of batik-printed fabrics, such as the satin silky series and cotton rose. Visit our website at to contact us and make a purchase.


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