How to Choose a Trustworthy Textile Shop for Your Clothing Line Business in Bali

Indonesia’s fashion and clothing line business is one of the most promising business industry entrepreneurs are looking for. The clothing line is mostly a business that involves creating fashionable outfits and having a fashion brand and its own designs. Thus, this type of business is increasingly growing, especially in Bali.

If you happen to live in Denpasar-Bali, and soon will be starting your own clothing line business, then fabrics are your main needs in the production process. So, finding a trustworthy textile shop around the area is a crucial thing. Find out how to choose one throughout the article!

What’s Important?

To start a clothing line business, there are lots of things to consider. Starting from determining your target market or potential customers, determining the types of clothing products you will sell, determining a marketing strategy, to choosing a fabric supplier. What’s most important is choosing a trustworthy textile shop that caters to customers who are interested in a variety of fabrics or fabrics that incorporate unique patterns.

Why is choosing a trustworthy textile shop important? Finding a supplier for your fashion products can be difficult. Some shops have cheap fabrics, but their quality is low. Or, some have good quality fabrics, but the prices are expensive. Basically the clothing line business requires good cooperation between you and the supplier. Therefore, a textile shop should have good credibility.

Tips on Choosing a Trustworthy Textile Shop that Truly Understands Fabrics

There are certainly many textile shops in Denpasar. To find a trustworthy textile shop, they must have and truly understand the following 4 things about fabrics:

Types of Fabrics

Starting a clothing line business requires many different types of fabrics. Find textile shops that have a full range of fabrics in store.

Fabric colors

As you find a textile shop, make sure they offer quality fabric colors. A good fabric color looks solid and not dull, and that is not easy to fade.

Fabric thickness

Make sure a textile shop pays attention to the thickness of the fabrics. Thick fabrics can be hot and uncomfortable to wear. However, there are also fabrics that have a certain thickness, but are not hot when used.

Fabric flexibility

A good textile shop will offer you fabrics with good flexibility. This will ensure your fabrics are more durable even though they are used many times.

To save your time and energy, visit Denpasar’s best and trustworthy textile shop online only at They offer you a variety of good fabrics (silk, rayon, cotton, linen, and more) with affordable prices— retail and wholesale. Or, visit the shop directly which is located in downtown Denpasar. The Bali Silk Textile shop ensures everything that you need for your clothing line business with friendly services.


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