Great Places in Bali to Get Good-Quality Bali fabrics

Bali is a heaven for any fashionista. It’s a home for an abundance of fabric stores that have been well-known for their high-quality works. If you are on this island and looking for great Bali fabrics, some of the following places are worth exploring.

Patih Jelantik Street, Kuta

Prefer to shop in more convenient places? Just head to Patih Jelantik Street in Kuta. In this street, you can find a number of four-floored fabric stores that will spoil your shopping desire. A wide variety of fabrics are available here including linens, lace, silk, and certain fabrics for men’s suits. There are comfortable fabrics like jersey and cotton as well.

Please note that the prices can be higher from other places but the quality of fabrics worth the prices. Besides, your order will be delivered on time. If you want to get your suit done, you don’t need to look for a tailor since some of the stores at this place provide an on-site tailor.

Monkey Forest Road, Ubud

Still can’t go over with superb fabrics? Go to Monkey Forest Road in Ubud. There, you can find a large retail offering thousands of choices of premium silk, cotton, and linens. Not just that, this retail even has various kinds of traditional Bali fabrics such as ikat, sarongs, and sashes. If you want to have a Bali memento, this place is perfect to get one.

Legian Kaja 502 Street, Seminyak

Seminyak is not just packed with many interesting art shops but also a great place to purchase good-quality of fabrics in Bali. Just a stone throw from your villa’s doorstep you can discover few excellent fabric shops to explore.

Another place in Seminyak that you should never miss is Legian Kaja 502 Street. There is a famous fabric shop offering a wide array of interesting fabrics. More satisfyingly, this store has friendly and helpful staffs as well as more affordable prices.

Sulawesi Street, Denpasar

For lower-priced options, Sulawesi Street is lined with numerous fabric shops. Although this place is not as comfy as the three previous ones if you have good bargain skill you can obtain great things. The shops here might be known for their cheap prices but there is an opportunity to find beautiful Bali fabrics such as adorned lace, silk, and batik.

If you never visit this place before, you can ask for help from a driver or take a taxi to bring you here. It’s because first-timers often find it a bit hassle to shop by themselves.


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