Getting to Know High-Value Silk Fabrics Worth Owning

Suitable for use as basic materials for party dresses, wedding dresses, shirts and blouses, and other fashion materials, high-value silk fabrics are worth owning. With a soft, strong, shiny, and beautiful texture, silk is still one of the most popular types of fabrics being used globally. Silk is an expensive fabric not only because of its quality, but also because its raw material is obtained through a long process— from threads made from silkworm cocoons.

Therefore, why should you own high-value silk fabrics for your fashion clothings? Hence, what are its advantages?

Reasons Owning High-Value Silk Fabrics

The luxury of silk fabrics makes this fabric so popular. As a high-value fabric, silk has been produced for centuries. Although the production process is very complex, until now silk fabrics still have a high selling value. So, there are reasons people own high-value silk fabrics, including:

Strong and durable

Although it seems thin and very light, silk fabrics have excellent elasticity and resilience. In fact, silk thread is believed to be stronger than steel thread of the same thickness.


Since it is made from natural fibers, silk fabrics can be easily recycled, providing a low environmental impact. Silk is also easy to decompose naturally (1-5 years). Unlike polyester fabrics which can take up to 200 years to decompose.


Silk is hypoallergenic, which means, silk fabrics don’t cause allergic reactions for the user. Hence, the silky fiber texture is very smooth and won’t rub and irritate the skin when worn.

Can adapt to the weather

Although very sheer, silk fabrics have a dense texture, able to make the body warm when the weather is cold. On the other hand, silk fabric has good circulation. Thus, it will stay cool even when the weather is hot.

Advantages of High-Value Silk Fabrics

Slk fabrics are sheer and sleek. So, when used under light, it will give the effect of an elegant and luxurious appearance. Hence, the advantages of silk fabrics include:

  • Silk fabric is durable and long lasting. If cared for properly, silk fabrics can be passed down from generation to generation, without decreasing its quality.
  • Natural high-value silk fabrics are not only able to absorb sweat, but are able to provide a cool sensation on the skin, and are comfortable when worn.
  • Anyone can wear silk clothes, even for those with sensitive skin. This is due to the process of making silk fabric with minimal contact with chemicals.

In the fashion industry, silk fabrics are ideal for making beautiful and luxurious clothings. If you are interested in buying high-value silk fabrics, there’s one place to go. At, this place will inspire you. This textile shop located in downtown Denpasar, helps you find the right high-value silk fabrics for your fashion needs.


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