Bali Wears Their Traditional Clothing Every Thursday

Bali is a land of culture. It is no wonder that sometimes people will easily know Bali if they see one of the cultures it has. The traditional dance, language, and the bali traditional dress which becomes the highlight of it all. Bali traditional dress is a Balinese authentic clothing which attracts the attention of many people with its unique design. Those people who fancy this dress said that bali traditional dress has its own interesting characteristics.

The bali traditional dress is usually worn by the Balinese people on the holy days. But recently, the government has implemented a policy that says every formal or informal institution is obliged to wear bali traditional dress every Thursday. The bali traditional dress mentioned are kebaya and safari. The difference between kebaya and safari lies in who is wearing it. For women, they wear kebaya, while men wear safari. In general, a kebaya set consists of a kebaya which is a top, kamen, and a shawl or the locals call it selendang tied around the woman’s waist, while a set of safari clothes consists of a safari shirt which is a top, kamen, and udeng that is worn on a man’s head.

And as time goes by, the use of bali traditional dress is increasingly in demand by many people. The set of clothes is not only used on the holy days, but a lot of people also wear them to attend wedding occasions. Because of this matter, people start to create more types of bali traditional dress. The types referred to here is the types of cloth used to make the bali traditional dress, especially kebaya. Out of the many clothes used as main material for making kebaya, the most popular fabric is cotton. Cotton is considered to be the right main material for making kebaya because it has soft, flexible properties and absorbs sweat well. But not only cotton, you can also make kebaya with silk, rayon, and even combine it with batik. To get these fabrics, you can visit the best fabrics boutique in Denpasar, it is Bali Silk Textile which up until now has 3 branches in Denpasar. Here in Bali Silk Textile, you will be given a wide selection of best-quality fabrics based on your needs with very affordable prices. You can do online ordering by call on (0361) 229337 or by 083117221934 on WhatsApp, or just simply visit the official website of Bali Silk Textile at


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