5 Popular Balinese Kebaya Trends and Styles for Inspiration

Dream Kebaya

Balinese kebaya is a traditional top worn by Balinese women for prayers and religious rituals. The Balinese kebaya are usually made of silk, brocades, and other embroidered fabrics and laces. Over time, the Balinese kebaya trends are more sophisticated, so that they can be worn on any formal events, other than for religious ceremonies. Thus, many Indonesian designers are inspired by Balinese kebaya in their designs.

Characteristics of Balinese Kebaya

 The Balinese kebaya trends worn by Balinese women are varied. They may look the same, but they have distinctive characteristics, such as:

  • A typical Balinese kebaya only uses one motif, mainly the shapes of flowers or florals.
  • Cool fabric materials are often used in Balinese kebaya, mainly silk, brocade and cotton.
  • A kebaya is combined with a sarong (kamen) made of pattered woven cloth (tenun). Most kamens are made of songket or endek, which is a typical Balinese batik-patterned cloth.
  • A shawl (obi) is tied around the waist. An obi will emphasize a woman’s curves on the waist.

5 Popular Balinese Kebaya Trends and Styles to Try-On

 There are 5 Balinese kebaya trends and popular styles that will inspire you for your next formal attires. These trends are still worn today, include:

Brocade with trumpet sleeves

Balinese kebaya looks stunning with trumpet sleeve accents that broaden up in the wrist area. With plain and bright brocade colors gives a feminine impression.

Tulle fabrics with brocade accents

You can choose a tulle kebaya with brocade accents around the chest and sleeve area. In case you don’t want to wear a full motif kebaya. Choose an obi with glitters, so the kebaya doesn’t look too plain.

Kutubaru style

A kutubaru kebaya is a traditional Balinese kebaya style with a length up to the hips. The hallmark of this type of kebaya is that it has a cut in the middle of the chest, which connects the left and right ends of the kebaya. Usually, a kutubaru kebaya has an open neck design.

Sabrina style

A Sabrina style kebaya is most popular amongst teenage girls. It looks more modern and stylish, which displays an open shoulder.

Chiffon fabrics

A Balinese style kebaya with chiffon base is very diverse. Ranging from the plain ones, and also to floral motifs and embroidery that are modified into the shape of trumpet sleeves, bell sleeves, short and long sleeves, etc.

In the meantime, if you’re inspired by the above Balinese kebaya trends, you can make your kebaya tailor-made according to your own preferences. Hence, with the nuances of Balinese culture, visit the bali-silk.com website for more references in choosing the right kebaya fabric.  This way, you will have a vision of the things you’ll need to get your kebaya tailored.


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